Two mature women sitting together outside, one comforting the other

Anticipatory Grief and How to Cope

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Have you heard of anticipatory grief? If you have a terminally ill loved one, you may already be experiencing its effects. To help you better understand what you're feeling and…
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15 Bible Verses to Bring Comfort During Hospice

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When you or a loved one are entering into hospice care, you may experience a wide variety of emotions: sadness, anger, shock, denial, relief, and guilt, to name a few.…
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Recognizing Disenfranchised Grief

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If you’ve  recently lost a loved one or you have a loved one currently in hospice care, you may be wondering about how “normal” your feelings of grief are. It’s important…
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How a Memory Capsule Can Help Your Family Grieve

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Sometimes, words aren’t enough to fully express what you feel or say what you mean. In the times when words are inadequate, participating in healing rituals and actions plays a…
Woman sitting in bed in dark room, hands massaging temples, unable to sleep

6 Tips for Getting Enough Sleep After a Loss

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Sleep is essential for human beings. Without it, your mind and body will quickly begin to show the negative effects of sleeplessness. As you’ve cared for your loved one through…
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6 Normal Reactions to the Loss of a Loved One

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Even if you knew a loved one’s death was coming, you will experience a wide range of emotions when faced with the death someone you love. And those emotions aren’t…

5 Reasons Why You Should Keep a Grief Journal

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Grief is an inescapable part of life. As human beings, we possess deep, complex, multi-faceted emotions, and it’s our responsibility to learn how we individually need to process those emotions.…
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Grief & the Power of Creative Expression

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After losing a loved one, whether they spent months in hospice care or mere days, sometimes talking about your grief isn’t enough. Maybe your words don’t fully say what you…
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Grief & the Six Needs of Mourning

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After months, weeks, or days of hospice care, your loved one has died. At this point, you may be experiencing a wide range of complex and sometimes confusing feelings. These…
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10 of the Best Books on Grief

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Perhaps your loved one’s journey with hospice has been long and difficult. Maybe it’s been so quick you’ve barely had time to process what is happening. Whatever the case, grief…
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Identifying Complicated Grief

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If you’ve  recently lost a loved one or have a loved one currently in hospice care, you may be wondering about how “normal” your feelings of grief are. It’s important to…
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10 Helpful Grieving & Self-Care Tips

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Whether your loved one’s time in hospice has been days long or weeks long, grief can still take you by surprise. Grief is the natural result of love. When you love…
Parent cupping child's hands as child holds a red, cloth heart

How to Offer Emotional Support to a Dying Child (and Their Family)

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A child you care about is dying. You want to offer your love and care, but you’re not sure how to go about it. Whether you are a parent, friend,…
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6 Ways to Support a Dying Friend in Their Final Days

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If you’re reading this, you have a friend who is dying, and you’re probably dealing with a lot of feelings. Facing the death of someone you care about is extremely…
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10 Grief Myths You May Believe

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As you reflect on the loss of someone you love and their journey through hospice, it may be helpful to understand what to expect from the coming weeks and months.…