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What to Consider when Estate Planning for a Blended Family

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As you look ahead and realize that you will be in hospice care for a while, it may be time to start getting things taken care of. Now, more than…
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How to Complete Your Digital Estate Planning

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If you or a loved one are in hospice care, you have the opportunity to ensure that your family is aware of your wishes for your estate. While you have…
Folded legal will sitting on table near coffee mug, pen, and eyeglasses

How to Avoid Common Pitfalls When Writing a Legal Will

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If you or a loved one are entering into hospice care without a written legal will, you may be wondering: “How do I get started?” and “How do I make…
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How to Create a Facebook or Instagram Memorial Page

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With a loved one in hospice care, it’s important to ask some of the tough questions, especially if you’re unsure of the answers. Has your loved one completed a will?…
Person filling out Social Security Benefits Application Form

Understanding Social Security Survivor Benefits

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If you or a loved one are in hospice care, you may be wondering about what kinds of Social Security survivor’s benefits are available for the family after a loss.…
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7 Tips to Simplify Digital Estate Planning

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As you or a loved one moves into hospice care, it’s time to start thinking about digital estate planning. By leaving behind specific instructions, you can save family members from…
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6 Things to Share with Your Emergency Contacts

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If you have entered hospice care, it’s important to make sure that your emergency contacts know certain things about your health and wishes. An emergency contact is a trustworthy person…
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6 Compelling Reasons to Write Your Will

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Perhaps unconsciously, we often think we have years to write a will, but if you or a loved one are entering hospice, the time to write a will and protect…
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Helping a Loved One Get Their Affairs in Order

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The worst has happened, and your loved one has entered hospice care. While much of your time will be spent caring for your loved one, now is also the time…
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5 Estate Planning Documents You Should Consider

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Receiving a diagnosis or entering hospice care can be a very emotional time. One way to cope is to focus not on what you can’t control, but on what you…